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  • Our A-Groove Pulleys are specially designed for strength and durability. We offer a wide range of sizes for multiple applications. All pulleys are designed with 1/2" groove for use with 4L or A Section V-Belts. 5-1/4" and larger are Spoke Construction to Reduce Weight.

  • Variable Pitch Pulleys are ideal for applications where speeds must be changed or where you are unable to predetermine the correct speed. Our pulleys are designed for use with 4L, 5L, A or B section V-Belts. 1-1/2" - 24 Pitch Thread Adjustment allows for downward speed variations up to 30%.

  • Step cone pulleys are ideally suited for applications where there is a need to quickly and easily change rotation speed. These pulleys are available in 2-Step, 3-Step & 4-Step styles and designed for use with 4L or A Section V-Belts.

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